Vegetarian Street Fair / National Thrift Store Day

Yesterday was so much fun! Not only did I hang out and soak up lots of inspiration at The Vegetarian Street Fair but it was also National Thrift Store Day!  Needless to say I was pretty much in heaven. 

I met up with my friend Christina first, and we checked out the vegetarian street fair. So many great vegan vendors and wonderful samples! I knew being there would make me happy. I'm immediately at home at any natural foods store. The energy/inspiration was    palatable.  

One of the first samples we had, were vegan cookies from Dauphin Bakery. I tried the ginger cookie. Mmm! It was so moist and spicy, but not too much, where your mouth is burning. 

photo 1.JPG

They're a fairly new vegan bakery based here in Brooklyn (woo hoo!) doing everything from cookies to brownies to muffins and cakes! I'm definitely looking forward to trying more of their products. Hmm... maybe an interview will be in the works too. 

Next up was  Chai Mookie. Chai tea is my favorite, so right off the bat I was already biased. We tried a sample of the original. You could really taste all the spices. It didn't taste overly sweet either. It was just the chai tea mixed with almond milk. So yummy!


photo 2.JPG

We also got some great samples from Acure Organics. The women at the booth was so nice! She gave all of us a bunch of samples in a cute reusable bag. There were at least 10 people surrounding her. She was clearly the most popular vendor. I loved the chocolate mint lip balm! I may have found a new favorite. (Sorry Burt's Bees) 

My samples. 

My samples. 

Although I wasn't able to get a sample, I was excited to see a company called Monk's selling vegan Hot Pockets.  ("Hot Pockets") I've never been a Hot Pocket eater, but a vegan version would definitely convert me. Everything looked very fresh and they reminded me of an empanada. You can see them hidden behind the menu below.

photo 3.JPG

Since it was National Thrift Store Day, I wanted to celebrate with finding at least one cool vintage item. Bonus points if it was reasonable priced. I definitely got my wish when I stumbled upon an awesome stoop sale in my neighborhood. Here's what I picked up:

photo 2.JPG
photo 1.JPG

Along with cute vintage clogs, I got a couple awesome vintage pillow cases, that are just waiting to be made into smaller pillows and this cute print! It has a cool 70's feel to it. All for $6! Score!!


What are some of your favorite vegan/vegetarian companies? What discovery has changed your life/summer for the better? How did you celebrate National Thrift Store Day?