Zucchini Pesto Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes

With the temps in the mid 80's to 90's here on the east coast, the idea of cooking doesn't sound too appealing. Here's one of my favorite summer recipes; Zuchinni Pesto Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes. There's no oven or stove involved and it takes less then 3O minutes to prepare! Win win! This entree is also perfect for last minute picnics, your next day at the beach or camping trip (just make the pesto ahead of time and stick in your cooler) .  


4 zucchini

1 small bunch of Kale, rinsed + dried

1 bunch of Basil, rinsed + dried

1 cup of Walnuts

2 cloves of Garlic

3/4-1 Cup of Olive oil

1 pint of Cherry tomatoes halved (chopped Heirloom tomatoes will also work)

Salt + Pepper


1. With a Spiralizer or vegetable peeler, turn, twist or peel your Zucchini into noodles. Sprinkle with some Salt + Pepper and set aside. 

2. Add Kale, Basil and Walnuts to blender or food processor and blend, while blender or food processor is going, add Olive oil and Salt + Pepper and combine well. 

3. In a large mixing bowl, combine Zuchinni noodles + Pesto. With tongs mix until noodles are covered, add in cherry tomatoes and mix in until evenly coated. 

4. Divide onto plates and enjoy! Serve with your favorite white wine or sparkling drink. 



What's your favorite summer time meal? What food do you love to eat under the stars?