{Vegan} Pizza at Blackbird


On a recent cold Philly day running errands, I knew I needed to eat. I was craving pizza and have been consciously trying to eat less cheese. (My only real "going vegan" hurdle) I walked a few blocks down South St, to Blackbird Pizzeria,  Philly's only all vegan pizza shop on 6th st, a few stores north of South. Blackbird has breathed new life into the space of the now defunct Gianvanni's, which also sold Vegan Pizza and Sandwiches. 

Everything looked great, but Mushroom Pizza is always a favorite so I opted to the "Fungi" it includes assorted mushrooms, fresh thyme, garlic butter, truffle oil and white daiya cheese. It's $3.75  per slice or $19 for a pie. The mushrooms were meaty and super flavorful, the garlic butter and truffle oil was the perfect accompaniment, and although I have a love-hate relationship with vegan cheese, the "cheese" texturely was a great addition and The crust was buttery and savory, I was thrilled it was so big.

I can definitely see blackbird being my go to pizza spot on South St. No question! I left feeling satified and not sluggish, which is usually what happens after a regular slice that big. I'm curious to try there sandwiches and some of there vegan desserts. Needless to say, I'm thrilled Blackbird is here.


***** (out of 5)



Mrs. Pleasant