Vibrant Living in 'the burgh

    Its still a steel town but there has definitely been an awakening of sorts in the last 10 years, with more healthier options and a stronger DIY asthetic then ever before. Two perfect examples of this are The Quiet Storm Cafe on Penn Ave in The East End and Gluuteny Bakery on Murray Ave, in Squirel Hill...  

    As I walked into Quiet Storm, I immediately felt at home (literally), surrounded by vintage furniture. It’s the reason why I love cafes. The fact that it’s all vegan and vegetarian, even better! The mismatched funky décor is throughout the whole café, even down to the plates and cups they use. By day it’s a laid back café, known for their brunch and customer service, by night a funky eclectic performance venue hosting Pittsburgh's local talent.

Quiet Storm- 5430 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh PA




    Although I don’t have to eat gluten free, I’m always up for the healthier option. Trying something at Gluuteny Bakery was a no brainer, especially when my friend raved about them. I tried the Cranberry Walnut Cookie and was she right! You would never know it was gluten and dairy free! They also carry a rotating assortment of seasonal cakes, cookies and breads. They have a nice shelf unit of wrapped up goodies to take home as well as there own line of gluten free baking flour!

 Gluuteny Bakery-1923 Murray Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15217

(412) 334-0522