Burt's Bees Pore Refining Mask (Formerly known as Green Goddess Clay Mask)


        I first got into Burt's Bees products way back in college (circa 1999) when I started working at Eco conscious store: The E-House Company. I went with the store manager to a Burt's Bees seminar/training and after hearing the history and story of the company,and loving what they stand for, I definitely wanted to try out their products.

        Like most newbies, I started with the lip balm, which I literally fell in love with seconds after it touched my lips. (Which quickly became a staple) Then I moved on to the tomatoe and carrot soaps, and then the mask. At that time it was known as "The Green Goddess Mask". Hearing the name invoked images of starry nights and ethereal women.

There were a few things right off the bat that differentiate Burt's Bees from other "natural" masks out there.

  • Its litterally in (Green) Clay powdered form, so you mix just as much as you really need at a time. Which is a great but usually overlooked idea. The mask stays fresh, for much longer then others without drying out too quick or caking up inside the container. The only small downside to this is that it's a little messier then other masks, because your mixing it into a paste yourself. But I really liked the slight diy aspect of it.
  • It's 99.0% natural and not tested on animals. You know what all the ingredients are, therefore you know what your putting on your skin and in your body. No chemicals here! Some of the high quality ingredients include; French green clay and a selection of eight dried herbs and flowers. I think most natural spas should use/carry it.
  • Its in a small enough container, that it's easy to pack on trips. A little bit goes a long way.


    From my first experience on, I was hooked. It gives your face a deep natural cleaning and tightens up your pores. It leaves you feeling cleansed & renewed. I also loved the fact that because it's all natural, your skin isn't left smelling like chemicals or perfumes. (one of my biggest pet peeves, when it comes to beauty products) Its a very visceral experience. The clay reminds me of the earth and subconsiously grounds me a bit. 

   Along with adding it to your beauty regime, it would also make a great birthday/hostess/holiday gift, party favor or baby shower gift paired with a loofah and some nice all natural soap, or lotion. As an added bonus, you wouldnt have to worry about the mask affecting sensitive skin, because of its natural ingredients.

    In the last 10+ years, Burt's Bees has gone from an anomaly in natural food stores to the shelves of RiteAid and Walgreens. It's a testiment to it's strength as a brand as well as the products themselves. I'm excited to continuously discover more Burt's Bee's products.

***** (out of 5 stars) -A must have beauty staple-



Mrs. Pleasant