Brad's Raw Chips



                   Welcome to the first of many reviews/recipes/tips on living vibrantly on a budget. What better place to start, then locally. I’ve heard about Brad’s Raw Chips for a while, but honestly the $7 price kinda scared me away. It looked like maybe there were 1-2 servings in each bag, not 3 like it says on the label.

          They also claim that it’s a meal in a bag. The chips are packed with Omega 3’s, Live Enzymes, Lean Protein, Complex Carbs, Vital Minerals, Vitamins, Nutrients and fiber, and they're Raw Vegan, & Gluten Free! <3 (How could I pass these up!?!)

        After weeks of walking past the display at Whole Foods, I gave into my curiosity. I wasn’t sure which flavor to try first. They all sounded good; “Beet”, “Kale”, “Indian”. Going between the
“Beet” and “Indian” flavors, I went with the Indian. (You can never go wrong with Curry, right?) My instincts were right! I may have just found my favorite new snack. :)

         When I eat raw, I gotta go all the way, so I paired the chips with my Pecan Pate. Not a bad combination at all. The curry/spices from the chips and the savoriness of the pate complimented each other nicely. The chips/dip were actually really filling, so I actually did get 3 meals/servings out of the chips. I’m looking forward to trying all the other flavors. Visually they all look great, I’m definitely going to add them to future meals.                ***** (out of 5)


Mrs. Pleasant/Emily