Coco Zen Vegan Chocolate

I discovered Coco Zen through I really liked what they stood for. They believe that all living things are connected and that all are actions not only affect ourselves but also the world around us. They only use organic and Fair Trade Certified Chocolate. I'm not a huge chocolate fan but I love trying anything vegan.

I emailed them and asked for a sample to review. I was expected a couple tiny pieces of chocolate. It was a sample after all. I was pleasantly surprised a couple days later when I got 8 full sized Truffles in a little tin. They're were 4 Dark Chocolate Mint Truffles and 4 Regular Dark Chocolate Truffles.

They were so rich and decadent, that you would never know they were vegan. They're made with one of my favorite ingredients, Coconut Milk. Chocolate and mint are a favorite combination, so those were definitely my favorite over the plain dark chocolate truffles.

These would make a great surprise/gift for your baby. If you're going to eat chocolate, you might as well put high quality ingredients in your body. Along with chocolate and truffles they also make lots of chocolate bath and body products. Chocolate Lip scrub anyone? :) I'm looking forward to trying there lotion as well.

Emily/Mrs. Pleasant