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Jumpstart Your Health!

Liz (from Prints and Plants) and I are collaborating + offering you cooking lessons and health coaching sessions to create and maintain resolutions that you can keep past January!

You know, the classic resolutions:

  • Eat healthier

  • Exercise More

  • Lose Weight

But also resolutions like:

  • Spend more time with family 

  • Take more time off work

  • Stress Less

In Jumpstart Your Health, you'll get:

  • Group online cooking classes with me focused on plant-based eating that are approachable and fun. These classes can be done from anywhere. I'll give you tangible skills to move through your kitchen like a pro, and help you cook more delicious, healthy, and affordable meals at home. 

(P.S. Let me know if you have any food allergies and I can make adjustments.)

  • 1:1 coaching sessions with Liz to get crystal clear on your goals, bust through blocks preventing you from stepping into your healthiest life, and create an action plan for you to make a transformation.

  • A private Facebook group to connect with folks in the Jumpstart Your Health program, exchange recipes, get your questions answered, and share your experience!

Why are we offering this to you?
Liz and I both believe that when you take your health into your own hands you feel more empowered, energized, and present to your daily life. So whether you're looking to swap the diet for deliciousness, ditch the stress to do less, or gain time instead of weight,
2019 is the year to get back on team you. 

You'll be learning tangible skills that you will carry out of your cooking classes and coaching sessions into everyday life!

We're focused on setting you up for success:
aka health that is sustainable for you, so that you can walk away from your sessions feeling confident, able, and like a total badass.

After you sign up, Liz and I will email you to schedule your sessions and give you access to the Facebook Group. All sessions begin mid-January.

We have three bundles available:

1 cooking class with Emily
1 coaching session with Liz

2 cooking classes with Emily
2 coaching sessions with Liz

4 cooking classes with Emily
4 coaching sessions with Liz