Are you tired of carrying around the extra weight? Does the onset of various health issues stop you in your tracks? Are you ready to change the story?

 I believe food is medicine. My focus is on turning your kitchen from a place of anxiety and frustration, into a healing, loving environment. Cooking can be your daily meditative practice. Heal yourself from the inside out.



Holistic Health Coaching

As a certified holistic health coach, I work with women who want heal themselves from the inside out to add more plant based meals into their diet. Food is medicine. Think of me as your food advisor. We'll work together to create your ideal kitchen environment, setting you up for continued success, growth and vibrant living in the kitchen! 

  • Turn cooking into a healing meditative practice 
  • Boost your confidence in the kitchen
  • Increase your energy
  • Fall in love with food again

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Personal Cheffing & Catering Services

  • I specialize in alternative diets: such as gluten free,  paleo, low fodmap, adhd, vegan and vegetarian. 
  • Heal from the inside out with a new approach to mindful eating!
  • Add tasty & healthy food choices to your day to day repertoire for yourself and your family
  • Birthday & Dinner Parties, Film Sets and Retreats

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  • Revive your cooking space with a kitchen clean out
  • Private & Group Cooking Classes for children & adults (online & in person)
  • Boost your confidence in the kitchen
  • Go on a Supermarket/Farmer's Market Tour and learn how to grocery shop and save money

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