Personal Chef / Catering

Personal Chef / Catering


My personal chef + catering services are ideal for families and groups looking to

  • Support special diets: such as gluten free, vegan and vegetarian.

  • Incorporate more plant based meals into your diet, without giving up meat.

  • Save time and money: introduce more time into your day (no food shopping or preparation) while doing away with the monotony, expense, and unhealthfulness of ordering out.

  • Create a unique curated dining experience while visiting New Mexico.


*price reflects deposit, additional fees apply after booking.


"Wow!!! What a fantastic night!! So excited to speak about a chef that put so much love and expertise in a meal!!! She is a 5 star chef and so knowledgeable about healthy cooking! She is kind and very professional and just really made our trip to Santa Fe relaxing! If you are ever in Santa Fe I would definitely give her a call-just an incredible experience"

-Wendy P,  Dallas TX


"Just a quick note to say that you're amazing!"

-Vladamir G, Jersey City, NJ



1. Our first meeting will take place in your home or over the phone, where we'll talk about your wellness goals, dietary needs, kitchen details, and likes/dislikes. This will guide me in creating your tailor-made menu for our first cook day.

2.  After our initial meeting in your home, I'll create a menu and shop for the freshest ingredients from farmers markets and local markets including Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Fairway and Fresh Direct. If you belong to a CSA, I'd be happy use the produce from your CSA.

3.  I'll come to your home on our selected cook day, with ingredients in hand spending the next few hours creating meals for the week. They'll be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. I'll email you instructions on heating and assembling your meals. Last but not least, I'll leave your kitchen cleaner then I found it.

Personal chef sessions start at $215 + groceries. This includes 3 entrees and 2 sides for the week (4 servings each). 


"Emily's food is outstanding.  I'm not vegetarian, but I appreciate good vegetarian food, and hers is some of the best I've had.  The ingredients were fresh and the flavors were all unique."

-Justin G, Philadelphia, PA

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