When we change the way we look at things,

the things we look at change.

                                -Wayne Dyer


 Think of me as your food advisor. My focus is  turning your kitchen from a place of anxiety and frustration, into a healing, loving environment. Cooking is a creative practice and the energy we put into our food, effects all aspects of our life. We'll take inventory of your kitchen, clearing the clutter and utilizing the appliances you already own. We'll also work together to create easy to prepare meals, that go from the dinner table to the office to your next get together.


Private Coaching


Do you want to

Lose the anxiety you have around cooking for you and your family?

Heal your ADHD & Anxiety?

Lose weight effortlessly?

Incorporate more plant based meals into your diet, without giving up meat?

Cultivate a meditative healing practice in your own kitchen?



Then private kitchen coaching is for you! All you need to work with me is Skype or a phone.


Private Kitchen Coaching gives you accountability + motivation as well as a partner to share the journey with.  

The time is now to live your most vibrant life!

This is not another diet.  This is a 3-6 month program that sets you up for life.  You are setting yourself up to succeed with all the tools and support you need.

The Vibrant Living Private Coaching Program  is a 3-6 month private coaching program designed to give you the help and resources you need to become the most vibrant version of yourself.



Here's what some of my clients have to say…

"Emily brings knowledge andexperience to everything that she does. She's great at helping you makea change in your lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed. Making the change to a healthier you is awonderful experience when Emily is involved."

-Mari Angela S, Philadelphia PA


"You have played such an important role in my growing, sharing, and being all that I know I can be! (during what may be one of my biggest years of change) I am so THANKFUL for you constantly inspiring, encouraging & challenging me to be MORE...creative, genuine, loving, happy, etc!"

-Christina C, Brooklyn, NY