3 in 1 Wheatgrass Cleanser from Vitale Skincare

 Although Mrs. Pleasant focuses primarily on food, Vibrant Living includes what you put on your skin on a regular basis as well. Recently I tested out Vitale Skin Care's 3 in 1 Wheatgrass Cleanser. I've been using natural skincare products for years, (From Burts Bee's to Dr. Bronners) so using this wasn't a big change from what I'm used to.

The Wheatgrass cleanser Purifies, Cleanses and Tones all in one full swoop. After I used it my skin felt tighter, firmer and not dry! Before I used it I wasn't sure how it was going to smell. When you think "Wheatgrass", you think of that cut grass smell. Somehow putting "mowed lawn" on my face didn't sound right. lol. Luckily, this cleanser has a light, clean smell to it. I think it could definitely be used by men or women as its not overly girly, or masculine.

 This would definitely make a nice gift for someone, along with a (natural) lotion and loofah. They also carry cute travel/gift packs as well. I'm definitely going to bring it into my morning routine, after I'm done with my current cleanser.

 ***** (out of 5)                xoxo, Mrs. Pleasant