Mrs. Pleasant
ABQ, NM 87108


I'm so glad you're here! 

Mrs. Pleasant is a lifestyle brand focused on helping you live your most vibrant life!  Mrs. Pleasant was a nickname that my parents gave me as a baby and in some way has always stuck. I've been in love with cooking healthy energizing food for as long as I can remember. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and grew up surrounded by art and music; nurtured by my family, and propelled by my innate need to create. After spending my whole life on the east coast (I still love you BK + Philly), I now live in the beautiful high desert and expansive skies of New Mexico.

 I believe food is medicine. My focus is on turning your kitchen from a place of anxiety and frustration, into a healing, loving environment. Cooking can be your daily meditative practice. Heal yourself from the inside out.



>1979-The nickname "Mrs. Pleasant" is coined.  

> 1982-1991- My time is filled with lots of laughing, love and creativity. I'm exposed to the food landscape outside my suburban town from Philly's chinatown through the south.

> 1994-I discover thrift stores and flea markets. Herein begins my love of vintage.

>The combination of not knowing how to cook paired with an underlying unhappiness/teen angst equals emotional eating of carbs and processed soy meat. I put on 30 pounds and weigh my heaviest at 140. It's noticeable on my 5'2 frame.

> 1996-97 I spend the summer of my 16th birthday out west in Colorado. I immediately feel a connection with the openness of the west.  A classmate gives me a tape of Ani Difranco's first album. My mind is blown. My dad turns me onto Wayne Dyer, life will never be the same. I start singing and writing. Outside of visual art, these are my favorite forms of expression. I slowly start adding exercise to my week.

> I buy Molly Katzen's Moosewood Cookbook and dive into teaching myself how to cook. I immediately fall in love with the creation of food, and the joy it brings.

> 2004-2008 I Move from Philly to Brooklyn NY and get deeper into my love of healthy cooking and start exploring the wonderful world of raw vegan food.

2012> I enroll at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified holistic wellness coach and my food journey gets crystal clear. I'm able to combine my love of healthy eating, connection and teaching cooking classes into one amazing package. 

> I go on a cross country road trip to Santa Fe and instantly fall in love with the New Mexican sky.



"Emily's teaching exceeded all my expectations. She arrived punctually, well-prepared, and brimming with cheerful, well-informed advice that allowed me to gain far more confidence with my efforts in the kitchen! I highly recommend her! I couldn't have been happier. "

- Eric N, Beacon, NY

“She listens to the wants & needs of her clients. The value of what Emily's services provide are incredible.  I wholeheartedly recommend Emily. ”

Adina S, Phila PA

"She is a ray of sunshine in my kitchen of confusion. I recently switched to a vegetarian diet and Emily gave me a lot of tips for how to cook with plenty of protein and variation. The conversation lasted 50 minutes and was absolutely PACKED with substance. I took a ton of notes and I'm looking forward to cooking the recipes that she's sending me during our next session. "

Katrina M, Santa Fe NM

"Emily brings knowledge and  experience to everything that she does. She's great at helping you make  a change in your lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed. Her cooking  parties are educational, fun and filling! Making the change to a healthier you is a wonderful experience when Emily is involved." 

Mari Angela S, Phila PA

"Emily is absolutely delightful and caring. Her cooking is very tasty. She is a great communicator. I follow a low FODMAP diet due to my IBS, Celiac (gluten allergy) and lactose intolerance so I'm not the easiest to work with. She did a great job purchasing the highest quality and all organic ingredients. Whenever she was in doubt, she consulted with me unlike other chefs I worked with in the past. I would highly recommend her services. She is great all around. "

 Monika N, NY NY